The mycashway® story

It was a chill Friday afternoon of December 2015, when the big idea popped up, while the smell of roasted chestnuts spread over the streets of downtown Lisbon.

Chance, coincidence, or simply the ability to see beyond the obvious was enough to trigger the spark that would give us the strength and passion to turn mycashway® into the big global project that You and the world are about to witness.

The chestnuts smell is back and with it, the mycashway® public launch to follow.

welcome to your mycashway®

The Game Changers

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... are the ones who do! You will want be part of this change.

Global Flow

From Europe to Africa, India to Canada, China to the United States, there’s no limit, nothing to lose and so much to win.

It’s Global, for everyone, everywhere and Free!

Get Ready

Pre-register today and be among the first and restricted group of people in the world that will have access to mycashway before the public launch.